Serving, protecting and providing for others demands a smart device you can rely on. The brand new Sonim XP8 is the world’s most reliable ultra-rugged smartphone. The Sonim XP8 is built to provide those who serve with the smart communication they need, regardless of situation or environment.

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The display is a 5-inch, 1080p panel (pretty ordinary specs for a phone) and is also puncture-resistant and able to be used with gloves and wet fingers (less ordinary). Also of note is something that’s become a bit of a rarity these days: physical Android buttons for home, back, and multitasking, instead of the almost ubiquitous on-screen icons.

water resistant

But the Sonim XP8 is designed for military users or emergency workers, and plenty of the feature-set is dedicated to those sorts of demanding use cases. The phone is rated to MIL-STD-810G standards for things like dust, shock, rain, and temperature.


Pair the XP8 with SCOUT, our proprietary device-provisioning and management application, and suddenly, Enterprise IT is as efficient and productive as the XP8 itself. That’s really smart.

Hear clearly

Cancel background noise with Loud and Clear Audio with 100dB+ speakers, and amplify sound with mission critical audio accessories that supports both traditional and EPTT.


Internal Storage: 64 GB | 16 GB

Maximum User Storage: 45 GB | 12 GB

Storage expansion: up to 128 GB

OS: Android (7.1.1)


Survive hazardous environments with IP-68, IP-69, MIL 810G, Non-Incendive Class I, II & III Div 2 ratings

Instantly connect and share private information on the nation’s only dedicated public safety network with FirstNet and B14 capabilities

Access programmable buttons and applications in any condition with Gloved hand/Wet finger operation

Hear every word even in the noisiest places with Extremely Loud & Clear Audio

Connect instantly, reliably, every single time with Push-To-Talk*

Communicate more powerfully, more freely with Handset Powered Audio Accessories connected through Sonim’s SecureAudio Connector



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